1. every warm gesture a bridge between us

snow falls like confetti, street lights illuminating its glossy whiteness. frozen water. flakes of silver.

and here we are.  
snow just glittering soot, the night sky covering the white brilliance in black velvet.
it is not yet night, but the day is gone. day is lost, never to come back.

i search my bag for it. something to remember it by other than the receipts from the christmas presents not yet wrapped. i know i’ll cut off a little piece of wrapping paper and place that by my bedside. a memory of day gone. just an ordinary day of conversations, meals, laughs and tears.

you cancelled on me yesterday. tried to make me feel quilty. tried to tie me down. 

try eclosing snow in your hands. your loving warmth will melt it, boy. and you’re melting me.
every warm gesture a bridge between us. every gesture of love another snowflake melted.

water never stays in one place – it runs towards the sea, it runs downhill. and he’s the sea. the poseidon of the burly waters of my heart. you give me love and i’ll give it back. i have no use for it boy.

i’m the glittering soot on the eyelashes of life.

2 responses to “1. every warm gesture a bridge between us

  1. every sentence is a perfectly constructed step towards the final lines… dreamy and full of longing, all of it.

  2. ahhh (:
    thank you!! you are indeed attemping to read every page i wrote here. in pain and laughter. wow! ((:


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