2. a few words hastily typed

the moring came and went.
the snow that turned to mush yesterday froze over, ice making walking impossible, or difficult, or both. but i perservered. did my rounds, every step a third of what it normally is. slowly, willingly.

i didn’t talk to you today. not since i called yesterday did i dare think about you. now i see you sent me a message in the morning. nothing special, just a few words hastily typed. 

have a lovely day… say hi… already forgotten…

the likes of that, you know. oh yes, you know. you wrote it, sent it and then probably smiled at the thought of my reaction.

you weren’t the only one to haunt my dreams last night. i saw your mother in them too. she seemed to like me, her voice an echo of my broken thoughts.  i nearly dialled her this morning, the drowsiness still not worn off. 

i can’t remember my reasoning behind calling her, only the sound of her voice, that high-pitched semi-audible way of uttering my name when she shouts for you to come to the phone.


4 responses to “2. a few words hastily typed

  1. I like this, it’s minimalist feel!

  2. thanks :)
    i was experimenting with cutting down the content and oversimplifying it, just to see what it would be like :D

  3. dreamy again… caught between the want and dream, and the reality of it not being quite there… great writing

    • you know, you’re almost making me re-read all of them again and it’s strange to see how i have changed since then. it hasn’t been long, but the snow is no longer fresh. downtrodden, footsteps echoing in the bleak white.

      appreciate your dedication!!

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