17. the city of the streets paved with gold

the snow won’t stop.
hasn’t it disrupted enough? another day of lost study, another day i’ll later have to catch up on. and i just can’t stand it any more.

i long back for the lost routine.
the wake-up-at-5-and-start-getting-ready routine, the catch-the-train-and-sit-on-it-in-the-relative-warmth routine, the see-the-orangey-purpley-pink-sunrise-from-the-train routine.
something about that all is missing from my life.

and i was reading Kafka’s Metamorphosis the other day ( analysing it all the while – but that goes with the territory) and dissection of routine humans trap themselves in is something i think Kafka overindulged in, when writing the book. in fact, i could probably argue that the whole book was essentially about routine and it’s disruption bringing chaos and pain and just to reinforce the negativity of it all, he included death too.

but hey, what the use of reading about the power of disrupted routine,  if you can experience it firsthand?

wanna try?

just come to london a day before it snows and then try to get back to where you’re from. bet you can’t do it. 
but you know this.
you were there when the train kept being delayed.
you were there when the snow wouldn’t stop.

you were there to tell me there you go, that’s London for you.

and so it is. London: the city of the streets paved with gold.


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