like we were the only ones

could you 

see the way the starts glimmered for us
like we were the only ones living, breathing, loving
the air around us.

could you

smell the night flowers’ syrup,
as if they exposed the insides of their buds just to please us,
to appease us. 


could you

now go back to that day in your life
when the world wouldn’t stop spinning,
when our lives were just beginning,
when I still loved you, 


you could

love me back.


8 responses to “like we were the only ones

  1. wow.. im in love with your writing! :)
    this is great.

  2. moondustwriter

    Lovely – feel the intensity and the pain.
    how ya doing? Like the look of your blog
    have a gr8 week!!!!
    I’m off to write in that messy moon dust

  3. Wow! This is absolutely lovely, I nearly cried. Really touching, and thoughtful, love the end too it kind of hangs in the air like mist over a lake. Really great.

  4. hey guys :)
    thank you all for your lovely comments:
    they’re gratefully appreciated :D


  5. Wow… You write to well…!! You put in so much feelings!! I’m speechless!! I read your blog from the very first post ( though I skipped some posts) and I loved it!! I’m gonna follow it!

  6. I love the way you draw the reader in via senses. It’s gorgeous.

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