pause to breathe

Pause to breathe,
The air like shards of broken glass;
Can’t reach the lungs
And stars of forever waltzing in front of the eyes:
Each new leaf a blacked out page torn out
The play stopped, the script thrown out 

That’s how it goes. No, it isn’t fair.
On n’aime que ce qu’on ne possède pas tout entier.


5 responses to “pause to breathe

  1. I loved it..!! :)

  2. Beautiful poem!

    The title alone is just so beautiful and poignant!

    :-) x

  3. thank you :):)
    it really is nice to know that someone’s reading (and liking!) what i write :D


  4. ‘Shards’ looks lovely in that second line!

    “We only yearn for what we don’t fully have”!


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