the cycle remains unbroken…

the cycle remains unbroken
loving words unspoken
as I pass through time, people, lives
unallocated to me,
strangers whose lips aren’t mine to touch,
whose hearts aren’t mine to catch, whose hands remain
firmly out of my grasp, behind the bulletproof glass
of the interrogation room
and all I may do is place a call, seeing a glimpse of their reflection
in the mirrored surface of the looking glass 


I let them pass
hoping against hope that one day
one stranger will stay.


11 responses to “the cycle remains unbroken…

  1. Fingers on a journey searching
    Eyes wanton, glimering, perching
    Strangers clutch the yearn of temptations

    An elation preens subtle
    Flurry inside aches stumble
    As they glimpse futuristic cognitions

    They mirror their doubts
    Then pass each other by

  2. I find myself thinking of an airport for some reason, the feeling of people passing by has been communicated really well :)

  3. Thats elegant.
    Congrats. :)

  4. A clawing loneliness is really captured and expressed, I really enjoyed the way a dark yearning is communicated so subtly. Really like it.

  5. this is real nice.. also. please be informed that i had just nominated you for the Blogtastic Special Friends Award. View the whole list at my blog..

  6. this is like Bread’s love song “Goodbye Girl”, only more eloquent and less pop-ish. :-)

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