27. just raw emotion

your kisses covered me like rain and still i wanted more. more love, more of your deep breaths, more of your blue gaze on me.
i wanted more and less at the very same time.
you’re so cruel you say as i push away your hand and aren’t you nice as i dodge your lips playfully.
and yes, we play this game day neither of us knows much about, incentives always at the back of our minds: i hope one day i’ll fall in love and you – that one day i’ll be yours for sure, not just temporarily. 
and we justify it to each other.
and i can’t remember how but in the moment we do it so well. we convince each other. 
like we’ll always be together.

we’re like little kids still, stealing precious moments when there’s noone home.
dizzy spins and stops at every wrong turn (that just so happens to be right).
and then we part, you leaving hurriedly, your hair toussled, my small bites on your neck.

that’s our life. and it continues now that you’re back.
and there’s no romance in it, no sugar-coated words or sickly-sweet gestures. just raw emotion.

just the way i like it.


12 responses to “27. just raw emotion

  1. I hope you will always have the energy and fun of a “little” kid, no matter what your age may be! :) Thanks for stopping in earlier! Have a happy Friday! :)

  2. great fluidity in your writing- very nice- raw emotion. wow!

  3. let it be know that i have just picked you to receive The Spotlight Award- details to be found at my Blog.

  4. Very provocative, powerful and stirring, drawing you along with it’s hunger and energy. It’s really clever, very much like a train of thought captured and distilled into words.

  5. I love this!
    “and i can’t remember how but in the moment we do it so well. we convince each other.
    like we’ll always be together.”
    You have no idea how much these words speak to me right now.

    You have a wonderful way with words. Thanks for stopping by my page and for your wonderful comments too :)

  6. after reading the virus and host entry, and then this, i somewhat feel like i already know you and this blue-eyed guy. hehe.

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