a night of coveted mirages…

a night of coveted mirages,
your native tongue between the sheets 

parce mots anglais perdent leurs valeur

and my pain rouses as lights flicker out
the echo firing up every synapse in my body
eyes wide open only to see the world forlorn

no deplorable desire in my dejected demur
no looseness in my muted speech
only ashes of the phoenix
you couldn’t believe in



7 responses to “a night of coveted mirages…

  1. This flows nicely. Love the use of alliteration in “deplorable desire” and “dejected demur.” The use of French adds an elegant touch. Subscribing. =]

  2. powerful, yet graceful. ingenious work! i like the whole flow and the concept of interspersing languages.

  3. A Happy Award for you.. Details at my blog.. Enjoy!

  4. Though from the ashes the Pheonix arises ever brighter, bringing light even to darkest nadir.

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