you pray there’s only one perfection…

you pray there’s only one perfection

dare I see it in
the point of inflection
of your knees in silent genuflection,
right angle unable to catch my reflection 

in the broken mirror of your silver-plated glass
confirmation that there was no us.


7 responses to “you pray there’s only one perfection…

  1. Oh I love the word genuflection!!! Now do you pray there is only one ideal or one completion? A very nice double play with the word ‘perfection’.

  2. well, thank you =))
    and i think the idea of poetry is that everyone interpets it in the way they think is true, so i’ll let you make your own mind up on that one ;)

  3. I couldn’t agree wIth you more. That’s what I love about poetry. Everyone has their own image in mind’s eye.

  4. repetition of the same rhyme :) i like. and genuflection, swish move, tres imaginative. :D

  5. moondustwriter

    I enjoy your creative style – and this a play with words – Nice

    hope you are well my dear
    go to to get an award – you deserve it
    happy weekend

  6. *sniff*

    i’m missing someone, (the guy i wrote “confession” for), and he is the very person i would have told this to. there was no us.

    there being only one perfection is a different story, and i love the phrasing immensely.

    • hmmmm. i guess there’s always going to be a person in our life that makes us feel like that, but that’s part of living, loving, breathing. it makes us us. ;)

      oh and thank you for the encouraging words. glad u enjoyed it :)

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