32. took me like a spell

after monday it seems like we are treading on broken eggshells, not knowing what to say or do. not even knowing why the whole world seems to have tumbled in our paths. and yet it’s not hurting us, just making us stronger, more resilient, more aware of each other’s wants and needs and loves.
and it’s odd but something clicked just then, something that changed our lives inconspicuously, like the faintest rainbow that brings to life even the gloomiest skies.

and i wonder if you’d have told me last night that you were in love with me if something, anything in our lives was different. and i only wonder because i want to believe that you meant it. i want to believe it so much that a violent spasm constricts my chest every time i think about your love giftwrapped and placed upon my heart. your faith in my trust, my trust in your faith, like a gold chain upon my neck, intervined.  

i don’t care if you’re not in love with me, but i’m in love with you was what you said and somehow that took me like a spell in the midst of all that i was feeling then. somehow it didn’t matter that you still cared about your ex or that i was insecure about everything from “a” all the way through to “z”.

i almost believe in magic again.


13 responses to “32. took me like a spell

  1. Lovely my dear and full if promise for a new day.
    Love & hugs to my fav romantic

  2. eesh, the ex malarkey. lovely, pure, open writing.

  3. yeah that would have taken the wind out of my sail too.

  4. You are on a brave journey, glitteringsoot!

  5. I like the rainbow, I like the magic, I like the gold chain around your neck…..I think it suits you. xxx

  6. lovely.. I’m so impressed by you sharing us the chapters of your life.. i’ve missed a lot and trying to catch up
    my heart feels for you and sending you hugs my friend..

  7. thank you all for your lovely comments.
    merci beaucoup :D

  8. lovely writing.
    i enjoy reading your life.

  9. Really potent and emotionally charged. That is such a sweet thing to say and speaks beautifully of the giving of love without a greed to receive. Really touching.

  10. that violent spasm is what I long for now

  11. I have to say, every time I come to glitteringsoot.wordpress.com you have another fascinating article up to read. One of my friends was talking to me about this topic several weeks ago. I think I’ll send them the url here and see what they say.

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