33. i need you for almost no reason at all

i like the fact that what we have is secret from prying eyes, that there is no label to label what we are. more than friends and less than partners, i like that no one knows about us you said.

if you’d have said anything else, anything else at all, i think i could have told myself that i was stupid for wanting to keep you forever to myself, for wanting to give up my vast blue skies and volunarily walk into a cage made of molten gold, locking it and swallowing the key, breaking my own wings so i couldn’t fly away on impulse, singing one last song before i beseeched you an eternity of silence. 
yes, if you said anything else at all, i might have laughed at my own stupidity, at the irony of me, me wanting to settle for anyone at all, but now i know i need you.

i need you because you don’t need me.

life works in funny ways, mon amour.
and there’s no other reason for me needing you than that.

i need you for almost no reason at all.

10 responses to “33. i need you for almost no reason at all

  1. Love your musings
    think we are on the same tack
    or similar
    moon hugs

  2. Nicely worded- I have also tagged you to pass the Easter Basket on- details at my blog and Thanks!

  3. Eeesh. :/ not the best reasons to be with someone! love the honesty of it though. lovely writing as ever!

  4. Potent as always and full of striking imagery, you have a real talent for description which, I must admit, I envy :-)

  5. it’s just a theory of mine, but, we women are no different from them men this way, are we? but i think for different reasons. they like it for the challenge and we hold on to it for the hope. but you are a brave spirit. and you can sure write about it, and somehow it’s worth everything.

  6. thank you all for the beautiful comments :)

    isis, i think we all want a bit of challenge and a bit of hope, men and women alike and that’s what keeps us strong – this belief that one day we’ll look back on it and think “i lived to the max and i wasn’t scared” :)

  7. i can totally relate…but im not sure if thats a good thing =)
    i agree you have to live to the max and not be scared.

    “life shrinks and expands in proportion to ones courage” Anias Nin

  8. wow, this is exactly where i am right now. i love this.

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