it never ends!

Y tengo un corazon

and nothing more
and nothing less 

and though sometimes it may be trying
to own so little yet so much
i see a heartbeat in the chrome of your touch,
that ultramarine sky –
the cobalt in the silent high
and treasure the rhythm of the swelling blue
echoing through the vena cava of you

Y me gusta escuchar tu voz

 and you can barely give me more
and you daren’t give me less 

and life’s a blur of voices in my head
english broken
and all your accents
´ˆ¸` ¨¨ ˆ¸ ¨ˆ`¸ ¨
swirl atop my clouded head

 and there’s one thing i never said –
i punctuate my life with
ands –
that way the deep blue in me –and you–  never ends

it never ends!


7 responses to “it never ends!

  1. to find good and beautiful things,
    and yet to border on dissatisfaction

    i got mixed feelings, but i know one thing: you have a great capacity for visions. i just hope the source of inspirations –

    – reciprocates in a worthy way.

  2. thanks for all the kind words, iris :D
    i think bordering on dissatisfaction is not at all that bad – it makes you aware of all the good things and appreciate them more =))


  3. well I can’t say I disagree with you. wishing for more lets you focus on what’s there. but as I’ve said in another one of your blogs, I think, it takes a strong and enduring heart to be able to do this. you have one.

  4. i love the use of another language, that although is kind of distancing your reader who wont understand it, we are aware it looks like beautiful romantic words. the use of ´ˆ¸` ¨¨ ˆ¸ ¨ˆ`¸ ¨ as a cloud is cool and original. :)

    also using and and then saying whats between you and your love never ends. and is usally used as a prevention to the end of a sentence which is the end so… yeah clever. :)

  5. Hi Glittering
    I punctuate my life with ‘buts’, at least I used to. ‘I was going to finish X by Friday, but…’ Does your life rhyme? Is it filled with words? I like the way your poems seem to well up (with these words), coming from some deep spring—‘…the vena cava of you…’ for example—an experience of words, better than a description that uses these words. ‘It never ends’, by the way, is the first sentence of a novel by Valarie Martin called Property. It’s quite a good book; you might find it interesting; she is going in a different direction than you are; but…
    I’ll tune in once in a while. Keep going.

    • i reckon everyone’s life rhymes, but the rhyming patterns are different – some have the iambic pentameter, some simple rhyme, others – irregular. mine i think would have to be irregular – convention was never really much my thing.
      and that book you have mentioned sounds interesting. as soon as i can get round to finding myself a copy, i’ll be sure to read it. actually reading “oranges are not the only fruit” at the moment. an interesting book, as the author herself says “written in spirals” :)

      thanks again for popping by ;)

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