36. and jokes don’t count

we all want a fairytale, don’t we?
a prince, a castle, a fairy godmother and a happy ending.

us, girls, seem to be born with this idea that one day, a prince will find us. yes, he will definitely find us and sweep us off our feet. it’s not a collective motion either – my prince will not be her prince; if fact, her prince will be not much of a prince at all.
each girl will get her own version of perfection, but my perfection will be the perfection, is what we think.

you nearly asked me out this thursday. exactly two months since we first started on this journey, on this path to love and need and yearning.
it was the first of the month, the first of april – april fool’s day, no less – the and somehow it felt that if you asked me then, it’d be a joke. and jokes don’t count.
i couldn’t settle for the flawed perfection, non. it had to be my way or the highway. it always does.

so give me a fairytale, mon coeur. show me the the world through the rose-tinted glasses and whisk me off to the castle i’ve dreamed off since i was a little girl.

it’s easter after all.


14 responses to “36. and jokes don’t count

  1. for you it’s Easter, for me it was Christmas…when I wanted to believe in fairy tales, or at least that something miraculous would happen, just because, heck, it’s Christmas. sometimes I just miss that part of my life when I could believe anything…

    but (this is not about me, but you) I know what you mean. I always said that when we lost our sense of magic, our hunger for romance replaced it. and I guess that’s what it is. i’m all for your wanting it to go YOUR way for once, at least once…

  2. happy easter- kindly accept this over the top blog award i hv for you- details at my blog..

  3. moondustwriter

    I still love fairy tales – but I’m not sure princes exist. If they do they live in other castles. lol

    Easter love to you my dear ;)

  4. easter is an eggselent time to find ur prince charming… i know… awful. hope he asks you again soon. :)

  5. loved this piece

  6. I really hope you find it…..but don’t be fooled, not everyone has the fairytale you think they do. Sometimes it’s all on the surface. Just enjoy the ride…it’s all about moments. xxx

  7. very nice..
    good luck on your quest fair maiden
    for my self im still waiting on that princess
    who wants to be freed from her castle
    so i can relate..=)

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