41. hard to come by

do you still remember those teachers that actually cared? you know, the ones that would give you extra reading material, stay after school to help you with your coursework, or else, turn up to school in the middle of half term to give you that one last revision session?

such teachers are hard to come by. i had one of them. she was amazing. i loved her to bits. and she made me succeed.

i wrote her a letter yesterday. i just felt like i should. it was like a pang of nostalgia echoing my heartbeat. i think that happens sometimes, when you feel like you need to move on but can’t, because melancholy is seeping through the pores of your skin, dripping down in the form of tears down your face. and then, you have to do something about it or hold your peace forever.
i guess i just never was the one for keeping quiet.

she replied within an hour and made my day, my week, my month.

…it would be lovely to see you again but make sure you give me a ring

and so, i hope to see her again soon.
she was the one teacher who i just can’t seem to forget. i guess she must have taught me a lot.

such teachers are hard to come by.


7 responses to “41. hard to come by

  1. moondustwriter

    she made a wise investment my dear!!!

    wonderful tribute to those one of a kind teachers

    Love ya
    have a gr8 weekend

  2. thank you :)
    hope you’re having an utterly amazing weekend :D


  3. Certainly right. I had one of those teachers too, and occasionally, I still see her. It’s nice to know there are such caring people in the world.

  4. thanks so much for the comments, lately. i’m really happy you enjoy what i have to offer. :)

    out of what i’ve read so far, i really enjoy this one. makes me think of how i got to where i am today, as a person. they really are those special people in the world that have a way of touching you beyond love and compassion.

  5. nice reminder to go ahead and reach out when we hear that voice in our head to say something to someone specific. i definitely have a favorite teacher that affected me… saw him after 15 years and told him how much he meant. the tears in his eyes said it all. but i should do this more.. for many.. so many people affect us in profound ways along our lifes path..

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