The only

I’m sorry,
I apologize, 

I never told you one could never dream
Of being the sole man to stumble through my heartstrings,
Of being the love, the only love of mine /
Or that every story shatters like a pane of glass
And tells the world there never was a unity, an us /
And that’s not lying, merely implying
We have just barely started something now / 

But as I kiss away the fear upon your brow
Amore, you can almost see that start
To being my one and only.


9 responses to “The only

  1. moondustwriter

    Awww the one and only
    so sweet and dreamy

    love ya sweetie

  2. thnak you moon ((:
    hope you know that you’re very much appreciated :)

    hugs and hugs and hugs :D

  3. really nice glitter..

  4. aww, kissing furrowed brows away. :) ur poetry is so soft. :)

  5. Your heartstrings play beautiful music my friend. xx

  6. Really nicely written,I enjoyed reading it :)

  7. thank you guys!! your comments keep me going. always.
    what would i do without you?!


  8. the beginning of this reminds me of the song by colbie callait “i never told you”… beautiful song. this is a beautiful sweet love poem.. love the possibility implied in this.

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