right here / right now

war poets must have loved
with every chamber of their hearts

no matter bullets
raining on the world;
no matter sun
that never did come out;
each man knew love
and he was love, for love was him;

war poets must have loved enough
to fill the world with dead
in the name of living love

right here
right now.


14 responses to “right here / right now

  1. moondustwriter

    sweet – when you think of writers and photographers and artists in wars you don’t realize they risk their lives too

    Favor – would you let me link to your site for Saturday. I am doing a page (with links) as a tribute to those in the armed forces , this would be really nice

    my love

  2. Wow, this is amazing. While I’ve written some pieces based on war; mine are generally more objective while yours views it from a more intimate perspective. On a side note, would I be correct in saying your tagline comes from Claudius (Hamlet) in the praying scene?

  3. ahhh, thank you so much (:
    i don’t often write of war, but sometimes, i think, something triggers that emotion and you want to pour it out on a page.

    and indeed it is the praying scene from Hamlet. you sure do know your shakespeare! ((:

  4. this is beautifully done… very insightful

  5. Poet’s are the movers and shakers, and changers of our generation
    We are the wielders of the sword of change

    You are purely brilliant, this is one of your best!

  6. Everyone else has already said what I was planning to say. So all I’m going to say — because I’d hate to leave this page without commenting — is: nicely done! :)

  7. something i never thought to write about.. brilliant!

  8. art and poetry is sometimes war, isn’t it?
    at least as poets are given many chances to get it right.
    or try to.
    thanks for your thoughts. and thanks for your comments
    from across the world. i adore this internet thing.

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