46. like a disco

how did i manage to walk this yellow-brick road and stumble into the emerald city without any sense of realisation? without triumph or glory? without stopping to admire the view?
how is it that i almost can’t remember what my Auntie Em looked like or of how i’ve grown into these ruby slippers, mine by default and no more?
and darling, how comes it none of it matters any more?

my past is past. 
i remember i worried that it may not last. that it’ll lose itself in the water of oblivion somewhere in the base of forbidden fountain. but i know now that the cyclone that brought me here will never return. that chasm has been closed off forever as of today.
my citizenship application has been successful and i am ready to see where else this yellow brick leads.

so here i am now, cruising this jade-encrusted city, as the green glass glitters in the pale light of the setting sun. 
my toto has run off, or maybe he was never here, but what does it matter? i was always meant to walk these streets alone. and somewhere in the distance i hear the wizard command “close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. and think to yourself, there’s no place like home.”

so i do.

and i remain standing just where i was, the bright lights of london like a disco.
my own private party.


12 responses to “46. like a disco

  1. moondustwriter

    Love the flow, the story, the lesson. The moral of the story Toto may or may not return – you still got them shoes beautiful girl!!!

    I love having romantic writer friends- the inspiration from people like you is scintillating

    Love and moon glow back

  2. moondustwriter

    saying “Hi” on Monday to my busy creative friend

  3. like it a lot, the twist at the end is cool. :D wasnt expecting it at all. x

  4. love this one… real sense of resolve and facing forward – finding the good in where we are rather than dwelling on where we’ve been… and yet, perhaps a little bit sad?

  5. i’m loving looking through your goodies. super glad to have run into you on the cyber space highway…
    by the by, how did you add on your copyright info on the front page? i love that, and may have to follow your lead on that (acknowledgements to you, of course) ;)

    • awww thank you so much :D
      that so totally made my day!!
      as to the copyright, this is how it’s done ( all very clever and even more simple :) ) :
      – go to your dashboard
      – click on appearant –> widgets
      – add another “text” widget to your sidebar
      – type in whatever copyright you wish ( you may even copy my one :D )
      – and you’re done!! (:


  6. cleverly done my dearest dorothy.. nothing makes a girl feel better than red shoes, cherry lipstick, and an attitude that you can do whatever you damn well need to do.

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