trace of us

we’ll stop tonight
where lights carry a trace of us
and moon shines loftily on bare skin

if only to say goodbye 

we’ll lay in the long grass
just like you wanted
no questions asked
no answers given
and put the cork into the essence of us

it may still feel unfinished somehow
still raw
still paling
in the sunshine of your blackest sun, 

maybe then, under the searching light,
i’ll stop hearing your goodbyes
you’re listening for my hellos 

a year too late


and there are moments in our lives that lay imprinted behind our eyelids, fluttering with every heartbeat, waiting to escape.
this is one. 
of stars was another.

different people. different lives.

i know. 
circles never end.


10 responses to “trace of us

  1. moondustwriter

    those circle can be painful can’t they

    this was really well executed – kinda like love was “executed”

    Love you my glittering love struck friend

  2. oh i like this. the last line is the best.

  3. glad you liked it. i tried to end it with an oomph sort of line :)

  4. Funny…I felt a circling nature to the lines leading up to the conclusion. Excellent!

  5. You are such a great visual writer. I especially liked the line “put a cork into the essence of us.” It’s so… emblematic. At surface level, it sounds like an innocent attempt to preserve something that is pure and natural. Deeper, it reminds me that every pair has an essence, just a way they interact and get along differently than anyone else. Fantastic.

  6. thank you BS :)
    i think we always yearn to preserve the past, close it off so that every memory stays cooped up in its little compartment, waiting fro us to retrieve it and cherish it.
    life, sadly, is not that simple… ;)

  7. This piece left me reeling… my belly is full of old spirits of every flavor, raspberry wine, hot apple cider with peach schnapps, hard-on whiskey… their flavors linger and linger and linger… even after I tossed the bottle long ago. Sometimes I think once we consume those sweet elixirs they tend to run in our blood for much longer than we anticipate… or for some of us at least.. even when we know we don’t want to have one more drink even if we could.

    *fantastic writing*.. BRAVO

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