all your loves

you are made of all your loves
like i am made of freshly mowed grass
scented candles
early morning dew

the passion in me
is the hope in you 

the dreams i dream
are nightmares you can’t place


every time i see your face
i fall in love anew

not with sharp symmetry
but with the love in you


the world won’t ever stop because we want it to. love doesn’t metamorphose just because its broken. we are left with all the pieces. and the smell of freshly mowed grass.

how do you love me?


13 responses to “all your loves

  1. Beautiful, I get your post’s emailed to me but this one is just amazingly beautiful

  2. i enjoyed it much.
    the opening strophe was standing out for me.

  3. simply beautiful. you have a way of bringing calm with your words. love it.

  4. This one glitters!

  5. Love doesn’t metamorphose because it’s broken…….
    Ask me how do I love this poem…..and I’ll say very. Very much.

  6. wow, thanks ben :)
    and i dont think i’m quite vain enough to ask people how they like my poems, but i really really appreciate it :D

  7. love. hug!

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