exactly how i am

when world’s the wheel and you’re the car its driving
when streetlights shatter in the sticky summer air
when sky’s blue-black with stark impressions
of things unspoken in the glint of lovers eyes
then you will know the power of rejection
then you will know the insecurity in me
until that day amour, just let me be
let me be exactly how I am.


6 responses to “exactly how i am

  1. and you better be the way you are
    beautiful / talented /perfect!!!

    Love from the Moon

  2. Ooohh i love this, so elegant and honest at the same time
    And i agree with moon, be who you are cause no one is worth changing for, specially someone with such emotions and with a hand like yours.
    Great writing!

  3. nice little elegy on longing and insecurity in relationships =)

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