59. at last!

‘excuse me. can you tell me where the  station is?’

i stop. it’s early, sunday morning, i have four dozen newspapers on my back and then, a change of route. i pause. ‘err- the station? just walk down this road. you’ll see it in 200 meters on errr- that side’. then i look up. the guy’s about my age. i can’t remember his face, just his hair. it was straight, dark brown. and his gaze was so direct.

i heard the mumbling ‘you’re pretty’, gaze seemed unrelentless.
i smiled. how long ago have i heard that from someone? it’s always you’re beautiful from you. you’re so extravagant, my darling, you are!

‘thank you’ came out of my upturned lips, but i felt a nervous jittery feeling. he seemed so lost. could i have helped him? could i have cured the hunger for company eradiating in his eyes? no, i told myself, no.
so i said ‘you’ll find the station alright? just keep walking straight, you’ll see it‘ and i walked away. without long goodbyes, without any sense of pleasure in deprature.

excuse me, excuse me!‘. almost desperate, he was there again, a hundred meters on, in the wrong direction, next to me. ‘do you know the time?‘ i did. it was twenty past seven. gloomy morning.
he didn’t want to leave. he stood there gazing, telling me his friend ‘got beat up‘ and it as a ‘rough night but seeing a pretty girl…‘ and then, ‘can i whisper something into your ear?‘ i wasn’t keen – one never knows a thief. ‘if you must‘.
he saw my reluctant reaction.
so he said it out loud.
the street was empty.
there was noone who would hear.
and yet it was all so real.

i want to suck you out

and it took him so much to say it.
what was it, desire? impulse? lust?

so here i am. muneca brava. at last!

8 responses to “59. at last!

  1. G – now that’s a shocker. But not really – with a pretty girl and a lonely boy.

    Love from the Moon

  2. muneca bella, you are! :D

  3. super talented piece.

  4. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/09/22/thursday-poets-rally-week-29-sept-23-29/

    hello, friend:

    I invite you to Attend Thursday Poets Rally Week 29, linking in a poem by commenting,

    Happy Friday!

  5. first and foremost, I MISSED READING YOU!! i’m so sorry it’s been FOREVER since i was here. but i kept all the notifications in my Yahoo inbox so that i can have the luxury when my schedule would finally permit it.

    and this is…wow. reading this reminds me of why i kept coming back after the first time i read you. you make everyday things poetically intriguing, and remind all those who care to be reminded that we should live deliberately, on purpose.

  6. i hope this doesn’t sound like i’m so full of myself (just a little, hehe) – the reason why i’ve been out of the grid is i’ve been mad busy about my first novel’s book signing event. this blog entry of yours, it reminds me (and makes me even more proud) of this part of that novel:

    …She actually lives in Pasay City, and she still had a long way to go; so I assured her that dropping me off me at the corner of East Avenue and Matalino Street would be fine. It was one a.m. when she did. I was plugged in to my cell phone’s FM radio, and while walking toward the clump of tricycles by the shed, with their drivers half asleep in them, to ask to be brought to 51 Mat, a local artist’s rendition of the song Waiting in Vain started playing. I was still so high on the concert that I decided to walk instead of take a trike so I could savor the song. So I walked. After crossing Kalayaan Avenue and I was about to turn right to Matahimik Street from Malamig Street, I encountered a guy going the opposite way, and like me he had earphones on. His subtle movements to the music on his ears told me that he was tuned in to the same radio station I was, and he was listening to the same song. When I turned the bend (the song was finished by this time), I saw the long, dark, deserted street ahead of me, which I had to walk two blocks alone, and got so scared I almost turned around to ask the stranger if he was in a hurry and whether he would mind walking me to Number 51. To trust a stranger with my life on a dark street at one o’clock in the morning. But immediately I felt foolish; and willed myself to just keep going. I walked the length of the street looking straight ahead and singing out loud to myself while internally chewing on my fingernails….

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