the finest sprinkling of sugar

can still taste your lips,
remnants of last kiss
coating mine
with the
sprinkling of sugar.

yearn for you,
waves of desire
by the shore
and feel your touch:
sweet blossom,
your scent: rosewater
in the hollow of your neck.

lay here,
imprint of you
embedded, solid
by my side
in spite of distance.

can love you from
no puedo escapar.
nor would i want to.


11 responses to “the finest sprinkling of sugar

  1. this is really beautifully done… that first stanza especially is just gorgeous!

  2. very nice, and I agree the first stanza is beautiful

  3. lovely flow..
    well done!

  4. the taste on the lips lasts forever, and often follows me into my dreams and mornings… Great poem.

  5. sweet – in the boldest sense of the word.
    i’m so happy to read you, seriously. your sincerity and simplicity just jumps off the screen.

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