who was it?

who’s been alive in you,
wading in the mesh of liquid wires
through the medleys half-sung and the letters unsent
the nights wasted sleeping
time, like currency, spent

who drew the curtains, left vacant sign
on every window of every door
and begged the world to give you more
than this

who was it?


everybody who has ever been truly loved has that person, that left them because they loved them far too much to let them settle for a rainbow in the sky.


10 responses to “who was it?

  1. moondustwriter

    I wonder if they were after all the best. With that kinda love who could want or need more.

    Bittersweet my friend.

    Love form the Moon

  2. Who was it indeed… I’m curious.

  3. Sorry I haven’t stopped by in a while, I have missed your beautiful words!
    Medleys half sung, letters unsent……these make us, mould us, so that we feel, so that we know. Rainbows, no matter how brief are none the less magical xxx

  4. i’m glad you’re back :)
    but you do flatter me :P
    and yes, rainbows are magical, but they’re never quite enough…

  5. I love this :D
    thank you for your comments btw, I know I haven’t been very constant in returning the kindness. However – I do so enjoy reading your work! perhaps I ought show my appreciation more often. All we really want is affirmation anyway, right? :P

  6. This is brilliant. I love everything about it. The fist stanza, in particular, is so vivid to me.

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