63. within these four walls

home is my prison, beating heart trapped within these four walls.

whole life spent in affirmation of having seen beauty, but how? i can’t even see beyond the metal bars of this cage. trapped in an illusion of golden locks and impurity of pure white snow.

yes, this is convention.
i didn’t need anyone’s help to lace me into this corset. i didn’t make you wait to take me to the ball. no carriages will carry me in this world.

there’s always time, —-
that’s what you say, calling me by my name, every syllable grounding me further into this quicksand. truth is, there isn’t time. all there is is this yearning need to –cease. then, colours stop swirling and coloured lights hush with their bright song of desire.

i am a fire.
i burn in this empty shell. you know it well. and i flash instead of them coloured lights, where every day is christmas, where sun burns red with passion of one’s life.

kiss me now.
tomorrow it will be too late.
tomorrow we will celebrate.


5 responses to “63. within these four walls

  1. i LOVE this!!!
    i love the first line…i love the intense use of the corset… this piece is passionate, intense and beautiful!

  2. ah, thank you my dear :)
    passion resides in all of us and it can be triggered by the slightest touch :)

  3. moondustwriter

    I feel the tension of this poem. A push and pull between conventional walls and escaping to love passionately

    Very nicely crafted my dear (as always)

    Love from the Moon

  4. awww thank you my dear :)
    love ya :D

  5. “i didn’t need anyone’s help to lace me into this corset.”
    – you paint a dozen images in my head before i am done reading a single sentence.

    “kiss me now.
    tomorrow it will be too late.”

    – wonderful ultimatum. sent chills down my spine.

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