it’s glass

it’s glass,
translucent white murano
[christmas morning, shock, lips meeting in the dark]
that detonates you in my mind 


smashed champagne bottles
[the glass opaque, the colour of wet sand at night]
are littered here,
confetti of my lives.
they live from new year to new year
[incredible, alluring, bold vibrant colours in the setting dusk]
until all age is lost. 

until that slice of sunshine
so often playing in your eyes,
[a child in sandbox, early summer, smell of peonies, freshly moved grass]
sets me alight once more 



it’s been a long way coming here. i lost so much of me, you lost of much of you. the long march, where the world got trampled in the mud. but now we’re here, lets do it. no hesitation. there must have been a reason for it all.


10 responses to “it’s glass

  1. moondustwriter

    That glass so many meanings, so many promises
    so much hope to reflect

    Lovely my dear friend

  2. the colour of wet sand at night – Ola!!!!

    interesting circle..
    and what about the Russian ? (it is, ne?)

  3. love those last four lines,… so warm and wonderful, like it makes all the aches worth it. :)

  4. Aww, this is really beautiful. kind of felt like i was watching a movie, very interesting.

  5. Love the imagery of the glass, wet sand, and my favorite Christmas morning shock! Awesome!

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