yes, i remember

yes, i remember
the blue sky with no horizon,
the trampled road we trod though
one april morning following another.
and the time was not stopping
but starting anew:
in me and in you,
even in those black eyes and hands
which longed for the other on these marshes.
we feared no ending: it would not come; not to us
who knew of life lived simply,
of lukewarm soup and truth before bedtime.
yes, i remember
and it will be alright.

18 responses to “yes, i remember

  1. I really enjoyed this. good work!

  2. We fear no ending.

    That is a very lovely line. I love this poem.

  3. nyc write up felt every word of it :)

  4. Reminded me of the road to Santiago ;)

  5. this is the sweetest thing! I can’t help but gush and blush! ;)

  6. A lovely reminiscence– it holds such a feeling of hope against long odds.

  7. Love, love, love it! “Lukewarm soup” and “truth before bedtime?” Awesome! I wish I could tweet some of your posts! xo

  8. moondustwriter

    I hope it continues … For many Aprils

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