this field

you can have the whole of me in this field:
i pressed my soul into its loins
and beads of sweat still glisten
on the body learning to tango
in the outpour of rain.

i will surrender only here
so take care not to move even a strand of hair
from beneath the tree where i will lay through my whole life,
as if dying prematurely,
for this is home and i forbid you.

a day will come when spring will open me enough
for sun to shine
into the roots of the old cambridge tree
and open up
the rest of me.


i’ve been writing this poem for a while now and it feels forever unfinished. maybe that’s just me, always a word out, a syllable in. and then i give up and start something else. at the end of the day, however, i always come back to this. and the oldest tree in cambridge.

14 responses to “this field

  1. This field brings images of a place to dwell forever :) beautiful! Poems like this make me love poetry!

  2. It’s beautiful and sensual, though I have a suggestion if you don’t mind. It is a little confusing in that there’s an unhelpful vagueness in who the me is. Maybe you’re being too subtle without the subtly enhancing the story? The first and second lines are direct. They set up an immediacy that falls into unclear ideas. I think the opening deserves a more intense climax.

    • i appreciate you taking your time to think about the poem so deeply. i must say, however, i can’t be of much help in telling you who the “me” is. the original “me”, was just a person who has a direct, urgent connection with a place. i believe all of us have that place, whether physical or metaphorical, where our minds go wandering once in a while. a harbour for our soul? well it’s a poem about that. as to the action, i wouldn’t know quite how to incorporate it :(
      but i really appreciate your comment! :D xx

  3. Wow. The last stanza is especially well timed and moving. Great work! I’m inspired ( again :-)

  4. poems, being from and a part of the poet are never really finished. I enjoyed this one quite a bit.

  5. a wonderful piece from you again, that gives an inspiration to every reader :-)

  6. i thought that someone decided to ‘leave’ while i read your post. probably one of the reasons that it’s left unfinished “ay dahil na rin sa wala kang pinaghuhugutan ng emotion?’

  7. Intense. Love the blending of nature with passion. xo

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