so there!

and with the blurring quality of a spanish sunset
i ought to stop dreaming of the miracle
they [nora knows] don’t happen ever

no fool but i expects
a man to build a roof over the pedestal
everyone knows statues have no eyes to worry about rain

sleep like trauma washing over me washing dishes
as if salt could wash away a man-made stain

what call you this
a fading jaded tan line of black bags under the eyes
what am i now
a landing strip stripped bare so there!


12 responses to “so there!

  1. you never fail to amaze me on the way you write. :)

  2. Love all the imagery as usual! I wrote a What Women Want 2 :-)

  3. You got me with this one……….
    Once you raise them to pedestal, they become statues indeed!

    perfect fit to the mood I am in!
    hugs xox

  4. Ross Lauderdale

    Fantastic. Love reading your work, and it gets better with each new piece!

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