i could

i could implore you with certainty,
dream on a dream of reality
could be a doll de porcelana
in the whites of your eyes.

i could pretend my uncertainty
was not acerca de ti
but rather a circle you see
in the mud of my eyes. 




*de porcelana –made of china / porcelain
*acerca de ti –about you
*podía. si. – i could have. yes.


16 responses to “i could

  1. excellent! the cadence of this is great.
    I love the way the line
    “could be a doll de porcelana
    in the whites of your eyes”
    sounds when read aloud

  2. What Fred said :) Great poem!

  3. beautiful – such a great flow

  4. Really really great.

    I think it goes straight into the your top five favourite of mine and my top five of the week.

    Love the Spanish thrown in, it really adds
    and the words..O.. they tickle in my lower back

  5. wow, dhyan, really appreciate this! glad you liked it so much. gosh, i’m blushing :D haha xx

  6. Liza Carrillo

    love the line “dream on a dream of reality,” it rolls off my tongue; very soothing to me.. also love the use of opposites :}

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  8. thank you for your compliments and for visiting my blog. your first line here inspired me:

    i could improve
    with certainty –
    something tells me
    that at least in the
    prelude to
    this dance,
    you want to be led

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