heat is in me

heat is in me,
humidity clawing out:
the promise of london rain unspoken.

birds fail to chirp outside your window,
heat stifles life
and i
take up the whole of your bed;
and time.


10 responses to “heat is in me

  1. i love this piece…i think i lived it too…

  2. Dog days ! I love it :) it is hot!

  3. I donno where you are but it is so damn hot here. and as during the nights the humidity reaches the maximum humanity knows about i am not sure how good is the idea of someone taking in the bed (though tempting, very).

  4. i like how your poems are so close, like you are breathing this and experiencing it, in so few words you tell a story. i like that a lot. nice to see you’re back. :-)

  5. oh thank you, my lovely. more to the point is that you’re back! ;) xx

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