gentle does it

i stumble
on the stepping stones of love;
instead of falling i
catch myself in time
to feel enough
to send me flying.

call me crazy
but i like it;
head spinning in your arms
i see his eyes
and drown in yours.

 gentle does it.


7 responses to “gentle does it

  1. This is so beautiful! :)

  2. Nice poem.Was it out of an experience or just randomly written ?

  3. so what made you literary ? As for me, writing poem is just putting rhyming words in ‘order’ so that they sound good.And you – your substance is not only rational but they sound straight from heart.However for a ‘guy’ this might be little absurd at first.Good writing.Keep posting :p

    • haha, thank you fenz. i think i just wanted to express something i had inside me. my first ever poem was many years ago when i was about 12 i think, and i felt like i had noone to talk to. it stems from there…

      thank you for the encouragement :) xx

  4. a tender beauty, this poem is.

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