sharp crimson of longing
spreads its tenticles
through the mileage of capillaries,
deep into soft skin on the nape of the neck;
makes itself felt in the first flush,
then – the second,
before electicity echoes painfully in the gaps
between the fingers.

she slips from his hands.


14 responses to “mileage

  1. Ohhh, near climax then. . .absence!

  2. This is nice…. wow!

  3. longing… i’m getting used to it. :(

  4. this is ridiculously good

    it has that somatic, deep within the body, lust/longing, fierce…Ammaaaaazing writing glitteringsoot..

  5. That picture is totally awesome.. i love your poem as well.. :-)

  6. wow… you, are a writer.

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