93. and wasn’t you the one meant to save me?

what do i do now that i’ve loved you far too long, far too much? i’m weak, i have no fight left in me. surrounded by this new world in the land of medieval tales and robin hood, i look back to the times i didn’t yet love you and wonder, how the hell did i fall so far, so deep, so unprotected?
and wasn’t you the one meant to save me?

a sandwich always lands butter side down; my loves always land like this: an aeroplane falling head on into a liquid abyss. sink or swim. the choice is yours and i surrender.

with you, i learnt to understand the silence and words dry up on the tip of my tongue.
i had so much to say but all comes down to this: i’m nothing without you. don’t ask me why: i don’t quite know myself.

8 responses to “93. and wasn’t you the one meant to save me?

  1. “butter side down” YES! What a metaphor!

  2. Yes, I remember butter side down. My mother alwasys said that was sod’s law.
    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Hope you enjoy.

  3. Love your use of metaphor as well as the raw appeal; your human connection in your words. LOVE this! I am following!


  4. I can feel the rawness and your vulnerability. You are my bleeding heroine and I admire you deeply.

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