94. leave it with me

the world is not bruised blue with hurt.
i know, darkness does not dillute, but switch on the light in your head and see past that. you see those fevrent, glistening patches? their bright lights will get us through; and if you can’t motivate yourself, i’ll motivate you. 
just follow them, not me. if i get lost, you’ll get there for me. we’ll be the magi following the star to christ. we’ll be birds migrating back to the lands of their past. 

my phone got stolen. it’s bad enough without that. worry covers me in goosebumps, barely visible, like a faint odour on my skin. 
all that i am is disconnected from this life and you ask me to be stong. i’m not a rock, but i will be. i’ll find a medusa inside of me and face her head on. the rock of me will hold you up, warmth echoing through the cold, i promise. you are so good to me: i ran to you, banged on your window and you came with me, looked out for me, missed things for me. now it’s my turn.
leave it with me.

11 responses to “94. leave it with me

  1. Facing Medusa head on :) I love that!

    This friendship is a treassure!

  2. hmmm I always love your reflections
    have missed you
    hugs and love

  3. …oh…this turned me inside out, and my words fell apart…

  4. Again, love the imagery! “the world is not bruised blue with hurt.” Awesome! Hope all is well! xoxoxo

  5. it is my lovely :) busy but good :D cheers for popping by always :) xx

  6. Strong woman, honest woman, woman who found her strength in her weakness and made of that cycle a beauty that only poetry can capture. Thank you for this. It reminds me of the late Aaliyah’s last album. Multifaceted and complete.

  7. I just came back to read this again. And I remember everything it made me feel the first time. Thank you, once again.

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