98. to leave a mark somewhere

every year, a rebirth. that’s how we should be. no realism, only rose tinted glasses and steely determination: next year will be the year!
and since tomorrow never comes, those will be the fireworks, those will be the days!

every morning, neurons collide and i surface with a new approach to life. that’s how i am. and non, mon amour, i don’t wanna help it, ‘cos sometimes i’ll wake up forgetting and sometimes i’ll wake up regretting, imploding with memories in black and white. i like the uncertainty of it all. how little of the world really matters and how much a little thing can mean.

sometimes i can’t find the words to fill my mouth. that’s where you come in. 
met Y today. what had we left to say to each other? so much it seems. and i remember nothing. well, almost. we spoke for hours, walking. and he hasn’t really changed much. i’m still that girl inside a split cell in my brain. every hug with him is like the last hug and i think that’s what made me sad. but why? nothing matters when i’m in your arms, i know that much.
hold me tight and let me kiss you.
you are life.

for how many lives i’ve pushed myself into to leave a mark somewhere, to scrape a line in the sand? and it’ll be gone tomorrow, but all that matters is today. so all i say is, let the wind blow: tomorrow never comes, it’s but a distant friend.


7 responses to “98. to leave a mark somewhere

  1. “i’m still that girl inside a split cell in my brain. every hug with him is like the last hug and i think that’s what made me sad. but why? nothing matters when i’m in your arms, i know that much.”

    oh god my dear,
    i can relate.

  2. I agree to this post. Sometimes, I also think this way, and trying to conceived that it is better to live life in an uncertain way, just the easy go lucky, the come and go genre.

  3. Haai :)
    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blog award. I hope you like it. You certainly deserve it.

  4. Really love your writing, I can relate to it in so many ways. Keep up the good work. :)

  5. we are all this same girl! What a wonderful write! Felt.
    So good to see you again…been too long! xoxo


  6. thank you all. muchly appreciated (: xx

  7. Very true and apt. Tomorrow never comes, but I can’t seem to live for today…still, I wish I could.

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