and then release

today is splashing,
in my head.
the world a puddle,
i turn to you instead:
your stolid torso
solid in my hands.

[breathe for relief]

a pause.

shutting eyes,
tomorrow nears
to the tip of the tongue:
silk sashaying,
spices pungent with plans,
sweetpea undertones
simmering with the pink
of young girls’ dreams.


i dreamt
i dream in yellow.

hands refuse to let go off your waist.
tighter. tighter. i can almost breathe you in.
and then release.

we fall asleep like that.


4 responses to “and then release

  1. dear friend.. sashaying by to say hello ad have a wonderful new year! XD

  2. dreamlike, sexy, swift-footed. i am humbled in awe and your life sounds sooooo full of beauty. stay beautiful.

  3. haha, beauty and knots. the best way to live. love you muchly. so glad you popped by :) xx

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