100. think of home

think of home for me, will you? hear the kettle boiling in the background, lone wolf howling in the night; the crockery clattering like crickets chirping; the steaming mug of coffee turning whiter still with every drop of milk.
remember the beige carpets, the perilous stairs, the strange creaking under floorboards: my parents’ house. or nobody’s house. a piece of rented haven.

but it was home. and d’you remember the first time we made out on the sofa in the living room downstairs? the day after i turned single and we couldn’t wait much longer? the irony of that day was not lost on me. how could it be? the impact on the window smashing is not forgotten by the frame: the memory is always there – gentle pulpitations in the soft grooves of the wood.

you see, beginnings shape the world.
quietly, carefully, they smooth the edges, polish outer surfaces, let us glean a little of the inside. they are a little mirror straight into the lover’s heart, a sphere held between the middle finger and the thumb, a kite. 
it’s the beginning that lets me know where home is: with my hands on your neck; with your head on my lap.


7 responses to “100. think of home

  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  2. Like a photograph of the past…this resonates on a deep and personal level.

  3. what a great read, thank you!

  4. I will never forget how masterfully you can create a mood and let me feel things as if I borrowed your heart. And I come back to feel it again.

  5. Yes, I have always felt that your last few lines reflect what “true home” is. It’s that person (or people) you love whose physical presence is our roof, our shelter, our safe place. xoxoxoxo

  6. wating all day simply to touch the skin of another. Dreading the moment when you must leave its’ connection…oh, how I’ve forgotten these most beautiful moments, and thank you for reminding me. wonderful writing

  7. thank you all so much, sorry i’ve not been writing lately. i’ll try to rectify that :)

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