of this night

you fill me
so completely,
your tongue, your speech, your fingers
go swimming in my veins.

you make me feel
so deeply
i taste the ocean every night,
the patterns of its seashells
still pressed into my palms
when i fumble for words in the morning. 

i blossom like an orchid,
rare and podshaped,
strangely preeminent
under your gaze.
an open womb inside a girl’s young frame,

you are the love
of this life,
of this night
and the next.

7 responses to “of this night

  1. Tantalizing words. Seductive and universal in its singular voice.

  2. appropriate for v-day. i i like the sultry sound :)

  3. Very beautiful poem..

  4. moondustwriter

    Hi beautiful one
    I have missed you
    hope all is well
    you are a rare flower
    hope spring warmth finds you…

  5. Ohhhhh dear heart… this melted my soul into a pool of romantic whimsy.. how utterly tender this is.. this is definitely my kind of poetry.

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