hook of silver

easter has vanished overnight
the way a girl who slept in your bed
disappears at sunrise,
with the high heels tucked under one arm
and her  simple black dress somehow longer, subtler.

almost a present, you find her earring clasp on the floor
and an impression of her head on your pillow.
you fumble for a memory of her smile, the taste of her lips,
but nothing comes.

your fingers clutch at the flimsy hook of silver.
later, you realise that’s all there is to find.

next year, you see her again, at the same time, in the same place,
dancing with another man.
something compels you to smile at her.
she smiles back.


5 responses to “hook of silver

  1. like – especially the last stanza

  2. northwoodsirishpub

    this is excellent! understated, elegant!

  3. I like this a lot. It says a lot in such a small amount of writing. how we have these moments with people. yet they can be so easily forgotten, or quickly become meaningless. x

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