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comeclose and sleepnow ~ r.mcgough

i’ve read and reread this poem many times today. each time it hits you someplace else, somewhere where you don’t quite expect it to. anyhow, read it for yourself, at leisure. read it and let its humid tone set in.

it is afterwardsand you talk on tiptoe

happy to be part

of the darkness

lips becoming limpa prelude to tiredness.

Comeclose and Sleepnow

for in the morning wh

en a policeman

disguised as the suncreeps into the room

and your mother disguised as birds

calls from the trees

you will put on a dress of guiltand shoes with broken high ideals

and refusing coffee

r u n


h o m e

Roger McGough

maybe the last few days of reading sylvia plath has made me into a feminist, or maybe i always was one, but this tugs a string to the point of breaking.
this makes me want to run all the way home
and back
into your arms.