football in the dark

the sun






on the windowpane;
the shattering glass

sphere bouncing off
again and again
in the replay of that time:
the thump
thump thump
of children’s beating hearts.

we don’t wait for the shout,
we run, paling,
into the leafy dark
where we collide with silence
and each other.

breath escapes,
fear subsides, feet find the ground:

we learn to play football in the dark.


5 responses to “football in the dark

  1. Almost hallucogenic in its physical details. Love it. xx

  2. Very nice imagery. I especially like, “we run, paling, into the leafy dark.”

  3. A great return! It’s good to see your posts again. I love the thumps of the bouncing ball and how it is in tandem with the heartbeats of the children’s (that’s how I read it, anyway)
    Great imagery.

  4. Glittering – how are you
    your beautiful words are missed!!!

    hugs from a moon

  5. thank you moondust, i am very much thinking of returning. it’s been a busy year :) xx

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