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comeclose and sleepnow ~ r.mcgough

i’ve read and reread this poem many times today. each time it hits you someplace else, somewhere where you don’t quite expect it to. anyhow, read it for yourself, at leisure. read it and let its humid tone set in.

it is afterwardsand you talk on tiptoe

happy to be part

of the darkness

lips becoming limpa prelude to tiredness.

Comeclose and Sleepnow

for in the morning wh

en a policeman

disguised as the suncreeps into the room

and your mother disguised as birds

calls from the trees

you will put on a dress of guiltand shoes with broken high ideals

and refusing coffee

r u n


h o m e

Roger McGough

maybe the last few days of reading sylvia plath has made me into a feminist, or maybe i always was one, but this tugs a string to the point of breaking.
this makes me want to run all the way home
and back
into your arms.


43. and the glass slipper never shatters

our whole life is a mess of those fridays. we know them so well. the fridays when we go somewhere and one of us, at some point, any point at all, ends up feeling miserable.

i’m no magician, my love. can’t turn grey into a million of colours, can barely turn grey at all. but together we almost manage, the shade changing from darkness to light, from dawn to night.
friday was nothing more than that, you must understand. a sort of middle ground for all our ghosts to come out. and mine did. X was there, as was his new love interest, or rather his soon-to-be ex-love-interest.
she goes through men faster than i go through lingerie and yes, we know her. she catches our train sometimes and don’t you just love the way she talks of her life so freely? i never could quite muster that attitude. you know the one: where casual sex is just another bad habit she really must give up; where a ciggie on the sly hasn’t hurt anyone and two-timing is merely a way to make two people happy at the same time.
but no, i do exaggerate.

still, do not think me bitter for i am not. not at all. and it only seems so because i’d rather people see a tint of jealousy in me than see nothing at all.

and you must remember your promise: you said you won’t get upset at such occasions. 
and when the past runs before your retinas again, scanning for weakness, don’t be too quick to give up on our happy ending, where cinderella meets her prince charming.

and the glass slipper never shatters.