Monthly Archives: November 2011

96. derivative of power

i’m not a magician, i’m only learning: that’s what my dad used to say to me all the time. he wasn’t the only one, but i remember him saying it most clearly. it laughed in the face of the world so simply!
i want that attitude right now.
i want a jagged piece of mind that tells me it’s ok, you tried your best, you’re only learning. but i can’t sleep and that is that.

levels of oestrogen are surging in this house. my periods refuse to come and their hostility refuses to die down. stress happens naturally here. 
put six queen bees in a hive and try it for yourself. but then, you know.

there is no honeycomb, no honey; only a derivative of power and no matter what the variable is, the result is always positive and large.
i learn as i type.
i silence my buzzing.