electrical grounding

you have this way of saying everything
with lips unparted

you burn without giving out heat
or smouldering at fingertips the way i do –>

there is no flicker in your eyes
or telltale signs;
there is no heavy breathing,
no tremors running down the spine
and when one touches you, they need no grounding.
you are not live.

that’s why you know just how to feel
the scattered mounds of sand under my skin,
smoothing out each grain

i’m not the same.


7 responses to “electrical grounding

  1. Beautiful friend. “With lips unparted” love this. Sets the tone for the rest of the poem. Have a lovely holiday!!!! xoxo

  2. Great sentiments. Your work inspires as usual. Happy Holidays :-)

  3. “you have this way of saying everything
    with lips unparted”
    This is beautiful!

    I was thinking of making a small poetry magazine through lulu, and I think your style of poetry would be perfect for it. If you wouldn’t be opposed to having select pieces published and distributed to anyone who wanted it, feel free to email me at dzaret93@yahoo.com

  4. Quite enigmatic. The flow of images give my thoughts direction that defines ME. I suspect what I’m made to think as I read is not what you thought as you wrote – but sometimes such is your grace and I receive this writing with thanks. May your heart keep its glow.

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