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114. i can tell you know

i’ve changed so much under your guidance, but one thing has remained the same – give me a challenge, a living breathing red-blooded challenge, and i will take it.
veni, vidi, vici.
like yesterday.

a stranger fell in love, yesterday.
you could see it, the way he gathered the smiles and attentions as if they were diamonds falling from the sky – before anyone else could see them to steal them.

it was worth it, you know, the month of not eating, the lonely walks and hunger pangs, when you were dans la France. i, again, get the reaction i used to be so accustomed to: the sleek appreciation of men. for beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but as a rule, these days, less is more. and you should know, a woman needs no cambridge degree to attract a man with it in his possession. we can safely learn from history that the meek and mild do inherit the earth, just as the bible says.
sharp tongue cuts nothing but your chances of success.

not quite sure why, but i rather liked him. call me crazy, but i think it was his degree. his singing wasn’t bad either, but i’m not the sort to fall for that.
he’s not you, granted, but times like there, my inner hunter wakes from slumber. rich, clever, funny: why not make the most of the spoils?

no, i don’t mean that.

i can tell you know.


21. someone who i don’t want enough to love

resolution is still lost. questions posed, answers comatose.
and one question haunts me, a bat out of hell. 
why can’t i just say to X you know what, boy, it ain’t working, so lets just pretend that this never happened and walk out of each other’s lives. how bout that? 

but that’s a stupid question. and though i have to look deep inside myself for the answer, i know why.
i’m both cruel and wicked at times, and yet, my heart is not made of glass and his puppy eyes always stop me in my tracks of obliterating his dreams.

and it’s driving me crazy, this enforced entrapment by one single look. this fear of kicking to death someone who’s already down.
and i tried to say goodbye over the weekend, but he wouldn’t let me.
it’s like he sensed it coming, texting me, writing e-mails, calling persistently, telling me that we’ll get out of this rough patch and be as happy as we once were. he even got his friend to write me a message to ask me to give it one more shot. and tough i didn’t believe him that we’d be happy, because i never felt happy with him, it was too much effort to turn away and never look back. it was too much of something i didn’t have.

so, here i come, still in chains: never his, still not yours, tied by rules and conventionality to someone who i don’t want enough to love.
still a hunter, a white tigress on a prowl for her next piece of meat.

i may be wounded, but i’m not dead.